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Spectator Entry Fee:

Adults $15

Children 5-12 $8

Children 4 and under free 
Photography / Video:

Yes - you can take photos and videotape - however, we will have a photographer set up taking action shots that you are more than welcome to view and purchase if you wish to. 

There will be ONE entrance into the Mathewson Exhibition Center. It is on the south-west side of the building, 
Spectators will be seated on the north side of the building.  There is A LOT of seating in this venue. You can sit all the way around but we prefer you not to sit behind the backdrop as it interferes with the photography and video. 


General Event Info/ Inclement Weather info/ act of God/ Health safety:

 The event coordinator reserves the right to add combine, delete or split divisions as well as to move teams to the appropriate divisions.  We are not responsible for any unseen changes in your travel plans due to inclement weather or any other reason.  In the event these changes prevent your group or any subset from attending, no refunds will be granted. The host venue may force us to cancel due to unseen circumstances in which case a back-up date will be provided. Otherwise, if the facility is open, the event will go on. Please make any necessary travel arrangements so that you will not have any problems making it to the event on time and safely. No refunds will be made for teams that choose not to attend.



Code of Conduct:

SFSC strives to produce events that are a positive experience for everyone involved and to uphold the highest standards in conduct and sportsmanship. All concerns related to a team’s performance must be conveyed by a Gym Owner/Coach to a SFSC Official. Approaching the judging staff during an event is strictly prohibited.

Any unsportsmanlike or aggressive behavior by coaches, gym owners, parents, participants, or spectators will not be tolerated and may result in a point deduction, disqualification, or removal from the event. SFSC will make every effort to accommodate any concerns or questions when the appropriate protocol is followed. It is our goal to continually improve and ensure your satisfaction.

SFSC will make every effort to notify a Gym Owner/Coach of any Legality Deductions prior to the Awards Ceremony. A Gym Owner/Coach may request to speak with a Judging Official and/or an SFSC Official and we will do our best to accommodate.

UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT-DEDUCTION -4.0 Deduction- When a coach is in discussion with an official, other coaches, athletes and parents/spectators

Vendors / Concession:

There will be a concession that serves various items such as Pizza, hot dogs, candy, pop, Gatorade etc.  There will also be various vendors selling the event apparel, cheer apparel, jewelry, make-up etc.

PLEASE clean up after yourself and your athletes! 

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