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Spotters will not be provided.  You can provide your own spotters and no points will be taken off as long as no spotter helps the team in any way.


Rules / Guidelines:

We will also have a printed copy of the rules available.  If you have additional question please do not hesitate to contact Melissa. 


Practice Room:

Coaches will need to check their team/specialty competitor into the practice area at the designated time.  As soon as you check in at your time you will head to the “stretch mat”.  These times are noted on the schedule.  You will check them in by taking the steps from the bleacher into the floor and going down the hallway to the West (right).  Please, only coaches and participants in the practice area. We want our competition to run on time but we will accommodate any team needing help with crossovers, injuries, etc.  We want everyone to be able to warm-up equally!  

Music should be on an MP3 / iPod / cell phone that can be plugged into an auxiliary cord.  CDS are also acceptable, however, please understand that not all CDs read well on players/laptops and scratches on a CD can cause performance issues. NO CASSETTES PLEASE.  You will be required to sign a copyright waiver releasing the SFSC of all liabilities if you are found to be non-compliant with the copyright laws.


Coaches V.I.P Room:

There will be free food and drinks provided plus a Keurig! There will also be a charging station for your cell phone and a massage therapist to help you relax and a getaway for a little bit!

Most spirited coach winner(s)

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